Communication processes are responsible for everything we receive and collect in and out the workplace. We must understand that "it is impossible not to communicate" as to even when we are silent, our body language communicates that we don’t want to communicate or interact. Depending on how this process of interaction is carried out, the results can vary from positive to negative, tremendously affecting our business goals, relationships that develop in our work environment and the benefits we get from it. This course contains the basic rules for communication processes to become effective and convey to excellent results.

Part 1 - Communicate with emotional intelligence

Part 2 - Critical points for communication

Part 3 - Basis/rules for a good communication

Part 4 - Active listening as an advantage

Part 5 - Nonverbal communication: how to deal with the customers

Part 6 - How to handle difficult questions

Part 7 - How to give positive or negative feedback

Part 8 - Communicate to big audiences

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and create impact
  • Learn how to listen and decode information
  • Develop proper nonverbal communication skills
  • Learn how to negotiate and solve difficult interactions
  • Learn how avoid stress in front of large audiences

The course will be animated in English by our foreign trainer. A Fluent oral of english is mandatory.

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