With the development of the horticultural sector, agribusiness opportunity exists for the provision of quality planting materials. The course will provide operators the necessary knowledge and skills in the production of quality planting materials (for ornamentals, fruits and vegetables). It involves plant propagation and production practices with emphasis on nursery operations. A visit to commercial ventures is also included.

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o     The scope of production of planting materials as a business

o     Plant environmental requirements

o     Identification of plants

o     Principles and methods of plant propagation – cutting, grafting, layering and tissue culture

o     Nursery tools

o     Preparation of rooting medium; planting and transplanting

o     Nursery management, cultural practices

o     Nursery hygiene

o     Pests control measures,  chemical use and safety

o     Economic aspects of production of planting materials

o     Record keeping for costing and traceability

o     Preparation of a simple business plan for a nursery.


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