Microsoft Excel

Manage workbooks and worksheets

  • Open a new workbook
  • Save a file
  • Save a copy of a file

Manage worksheet

  • Insert a new worksheet
  • Copy Sheet
  • Rename a worksheet
  • Delete a worksheet


  • Relative Reference Cell
  • Absolute References


  • Autoformat
  • Alignment
  • Number format  
  • Create a custom number format         
  • Date format

Conditional Formatting   

  • Format all cells by using a two-color scale     
  • Advanced formatting     
  • To change a conditional format
  • Clear conditional format 
  • Add a comment  
  • Edit a comment  
  • Delete a comment        
  • Print comments  
  • Resize comment 


  • Create a custom List     
  • Import a list      


  • Mathematical (sumif, Sqrt, Round)
  • Financial (Pmt, Fv)
  • Statistical (Average, Mode, Max, Min)
  • Text (Concatenate,Upper, Lower)
  • Information(Isblank, Isnumber, Isna)
  • Lookup(Vlookup)
  • Logical (IF)
  • Database Sum

Visualise large worksheets       

  • Freeze panes     
  • Split panes        
  • View several workbooks
  • View several sheets      
  • Hide a row or column    
  • Copy visible cells only   
  • Prevent copied blank cells        
  • Automatic outline
  • Outline manually 

Paste Special      

  • Copy only values, formulas, comments or cell formats        
  • Copy and paste special with mathematical operation 
  • Paste Link


  • Preview worksheet        
  • Add, delete, or move page breaks      
  • Print row and column headings 
  • Print row or column labels       
  • Print with or without cell gridlines        
  • Print entire worksheet or workbook    
  • Print several worksheets at once        
  • Print several workbooks at once         
  • Print a workbook to a file        
  • Page orientation 


  • Draw a line or connector
  • Draw a line with connection points      
  • Draw a line without connection points  
  • Draw a connector
  • Draw multiple lines or connectors       
  • Add an arrowhead        
  • Draw a freeform shape  
  • Delete one or more lines or connectors
  • Delete an arrowhead     


  • Sort text  
  • Sort by case-sensitivity  
  • Sort numbers     
  • Sort by cell color, font color, or icon   


  • Filter Data
  • Filter numbers    
  • Create criteria     
  • Filter for top or bottom numbers        
  • Filter for blanks or nonblanks   


  • Subtotal row and column fields 
  • Remove subtotals        

Pivot table         

  • Create a pivot table      
  • Create a PivotChart report       
  • Delete a PivotTable report       


  • Consolidate data in multiple worksheets        
  • Consolidate by position 
  • Consolidate by category

Data Validation   

  • Prevent invalid data entry in a worksheet       
  • Allow values from a list  
  • Allow a whole number   
  • Allow a decimal number 
  • Allow a date within a timeframe
  • Display an input message        
  • Error Alert


  • Create a hyperlink to a new file
  • Create a hyperlink to an e-mail address
  • Delete a hyperlink         
  • Change the destination of a hyperlink  
  • Hyperlink to sheet        
  • Change the appearance of hyperlink text       


  • Create a name   
  • Change a name  

Password Protection      

  • Password for a workbook        
  • Password for read-only  
  • Remove password protection   
  • Password for cells         


  • Select a predefined chart layout
  • Select a predefined chart style  
  • Change the layout of chart elements manually
  • Change the style of chart elements manually       

Aim: Learn more advanced features and options in Excel environment.

Benefits: The participant learn more advanced features to be more performance in Excel environment

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