Technology Focus:

Spreadsheet applications, which simulate an accountant’s worksheet on-screen, allow users to embed hidden formulas that perform calculations. They also help users to convert the data into tables, charts and graphs, which can assist them in analyzing the information and forecasting numerical trends.

Featured Objectives

Identify rows and columns Enter and modify data Change column widths and row heights Use a spreadsheet to perform mathematical operations Clear the contents from a cell or range Insert and delete rows and columns Enter formulas Use the Fill function Apply number formats Insert mathematical functions Create charts appropriate to the data

Theme of these sessions: Ecology


In Ecology, the fourth of five units, the students use spreadsheet skills to conduct research for a wildlife preserve to determine how well the preserve is helping its animals. The pupils are introduced to basic spreadsheet skills as they identify cells by row and column and use the spreadsheet as a calculator. In the lessons that follow, they perform mathematical operations and create various charts and graphs to discover the importance of maintaining wildlife preserve. In addition, they use wordprocessing skills to create reports based on spreadsheet data.

Age Group: 6 - 10 years old

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